Chased By the Years

Bad Conditions

Brett wins a trip to Walt Disney World and gives it away, which impresses the whole family. But Gus is incredulous as to his intentions. And Gus and Sheri sets out to see how can make more on the stock market.


Art Pettibone – Moon Rocket

The Marcels – Don’t Turn Your Back On Me

Rene Roberts – Nobody Knows I’m Around

Carla Thomas – The Puppet

Troy Shondell – Girl After Girl

Bobby Dell – Love Me Warm and Tender

The Glitters – Stop the Music

The Pips with Glady’s Knight – Operator

The Shangri-lahs – Remember

The Allan Valone Group – She Won’t Kiss Me Goodnight

Ric Castle – Get Away

Cookie Jarr – Now That Your Mine

The Upper Hand – Real Appeal

Liz Anderson – Never Fall In Love Again

Rick Rayle – Get It Off Your Mind

Bill Baker – Tell Me Little Darling

Cliff Thomas – I’m On My Way Home

Bill Carlisle – No Help Wanted

Marvel Felts – Chased By the Dawn

Contact – Computer Games

Kano – It’s Another Life

Albert One – Heart On Fire

Divine – Love Reaction

The Flying Lizards – Move On Up

Hollywood Flames – I’ll Be Seeing You