ORBIT, The Beat Goes On, 1982, Quality, A classic 80’s LA breakdance jam. Egyptian Lover still plays it, pretty much every set he does. 7

Q, The Voice of Q, 1982, Philly World Records, I was obsessed with this Philly track in the late ’80s and didn’t find a copy until I moved to NY in 96. 7

DONNA SUMMER, I Feel Love, 1982, This song originally came out in 77 but this Patrick Cowley remix hit the world in 82. He does so much for what already seems like the perfect track.  7

KRAFT WERK, Tour De France, 1982, EMI, ‘Tour de France’ was released in Mexico as ‘El Baile de la Escoba’ which is Spanish for “The Dance of the Broom” because of Turbo’s dance, Breakin. 7

DOMINATRIX, The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight, 1984, WEA, Classic Electro track. Actress Dominique Davalos looks great in the video for this song. She would end up joining the band. 7

LAID BACK, White Horse, 1983, Sire, This Danish band actually has several cool tracks. This iconic song, however, was originally a B-Side.  7

NICE & WILD, Diamond Girl, 1986, Atlantic, A huge radio hit in the 80’s this track was played at clubs, bars, and school dances alike. Pros: They rap in Spanish, Cons: some vulgar lyrics. 7

EXPOSE, Come go with me, 1986, Arista, Maybe the queens of Freestyle, this is an iconic and necessary track for any 80’s party. 7

LISA LISA & CULT JAM, Can you feel the beat, 1985, CBS, Again, necessary in the 80’s freestyle genre.  7

LIS LISA & CULT JAM, I wonder if I take you home, 1984, CBS, Had to play a second record from this fun group.  7

DEBBIE DEB, When I hear music, 1983, Sunnyview, Whenever this song came on and all the girls would hit the dance floor.  7

STACEY Q, Two of Hearts, 1986, Atlantic, Stacey Swain is Stacey Q also frontwoman for the band SSQ and minimal band Q with John St James. Together they wrote several hits. 7

HAZEL DEAN, Searchin’, 1983, Proto, This is hi-NRG or fast disco (higher BPM). This track was popular in Gay clubs throughout the country.  7

SHANNON, Give me tonight, 1983, Polydor, What can I say, if Expose were the queens of Freestyle, Shannon is the queen hi-NRG, minted with her first single, Let the music play. 7

THE FLIRTS, Danger, 1984, Planet Records, The Flirts were a Bobby Orlando creation with a revolving set of women singing and performing. 7

THE FLIRTS, Passion, 1982, Unidisc, Passion recently made a comeback, again a Bobby Orlando creation. 7

FREEZ, I.O.U. 1983, Streetwise, technically this is Electro and not hi-NRG but I think it fits the mix. 7

RONI GRIFFITH, Desire, 1981, Vanguard, A hi-NRG gem, Roni was a former fashion model turned singer with much success. 7