Can’t Hold Me Down

Bad Conditions

Brett finds a new friend in Gus’s nephew Rocco, who prefers trucks to finance, so Sheri feels rejected when Brett seems to prefer Rocco. Gary is upset at the size of the family’s bills, and tries to reduce costs around the house.

Featured Artist from : Egyptian Lover


The Diablos – The Wind
Chaba Fadela – N’ Sel Fik
Unknown – Coban Yildizi
Lowmac – Late Nights
The Zow – Brink of Exposure
Mr. Bird Rollins – It Must Be a Dance
Tony Cook – What’s on Your Mind
Uku Kuut – Funky
Robotron 4 – Electro-7
Baron Zen – Bass Attack
Egyptian Lover – Computer Love (Sweet Dreams)
Loose Joints – Is it All Over My Face
Felix – You Can’t Hold Me Down
The Paper Dolls – Get Down Boy
The Skool Boys – Breakin’ Out
Bamboo – Cool Me Off
Tierra – Body Heat
Bear Essence – The Big Hurt