Bright Lights in the Night Sky — Episode 28

The Enforced Reincarnation Hour

Featuring Coil’s Tainted Love, Jorge Luis Borges vs. DJ Die Soon, and new tracks from GRIDFAILURE (


1 Tainted Love by Coil
2 Every Night by Gary War
3 Electro World by Hatsune Kaidan
4 Fallout Curtain by Gridfailure
5 I Want To Be Cold by The Microphones
6 Vase by The Beautiful Pea Green Boat
7 The Shinners of Hell/The Riddle of Poetry by DJ Die Soon/Jorge Borges
8 Black Cat by Ladytron
9 (That’s How You Sing) Amazing Grace by Low
10 Remember Nothing by Rob Mazurek, Emmett Kelly
11 Scourge Telepathy by Gridfailure
12 Goodnight by The Knickerbocker Quartet