Boogie Body Land

Bad Conditions

Brett decides to have Gus coach him in order to help him win against his father in arm wrestling matches.

Featured Artist from : none


Los Aristocratas – La Tinajita

James Brown and the Furious Flames – Just Plain Funk

Makrosoft – Vicadin Reality

Ramsey Lewis – What’s the name of this Funk (Spider Man)

Ray Barretto – Alafia Cumaye

Flakes – Flakes Reprise

Brass Construction – Movin’

Bar-Kays – Boogie Body Land

The LTG Exchange – Corazon

Joe Simon – One Step at a Time

Ernest Flippin II – Supersonic Space Lady

Yello – Night Flanger

Los 5 4 U – El Guajiro Y Su Tonada

The Contessas – Broken Heart

The Diamonds – Happy Years

Ric Castle – Get Away