Like tube sox for Christmas, this isn’t what you expected, yet somehow back in style.


  • THE JUSTIFIED ANCIENTS OF MU MU (THE KLF), IVUM NAYA, UK, 1987, KLF Communications, The B side of All you need is love and like their other alter egos, THE JAMs, the Timelords, this is just The KLF featuring Chike on vocals. 7


  • FELT, INDEX, 1979, UK, Shanghai Records, You may instinctively want to zip past this abrasive loud noise indie track but this song is actually music history. This is the self-released single by 18-year-old Lawrence and his band FELT. The Shanghai label is self-invented and the record would launch in my opinion the greatest band that never really became famous. FELT records now sell for 100’s, this one for no less than $300 but as much as $1000. Lawrence is revered by so many for his eclectic post-punk style, amazing songwriting and what I can only describe as the Anti Morrissey. 7 original w/poem


  • NEU ELECTRIKK, COVER GIRL, 1980, UK, Synesthesia, My namesake label, A fun experimental track. I meant to play Tape Converse on Side B. This track is good but less experimental. 7


  • NURSE WITH WOUND, STEAL DREAM MARCH OF THE METAL MEN, 1992, UK, Clawfist, Oh man, this is a little piece of experimental gold. Psych and industrial and meditative tribal and lost dream all in one. 7


  • STRANI COCKTAIL, BETWEEN, 1982, Belgium, Sandwich Records, Fun minimal synth-pop track with a great cover.  7


  • BRON AREA, DIFFERENT PHRASES, 1982, UK, Posh Boy, Not a lot written about this UK band. This track sounds familiar. 7


  • GLAD CORP, I’m SORRY, 1983, US, Dash Records, What a fun and creepy song. The song is about a worm apologizing for being a worm. 7


  • MARQUIS DE SADE, RYTHMIQUES, 1980, France, Pathe, This is actually an 80’s classic in France. The video for this song is very simple but worth watching if anything to see a young Phillipe Pascal in his very cool beatnik new-wave style. 7


  • THE HAPPY MONDAYS, BOB’s YER UNCLE, 1990, UK, Factory Records, I love this song. I think The Happy Mondays were of their time, ahead of their time, behind the times, and now somehow back in time.  7


  • ZEITGEIST, OVER AGAIN, 1982, UK, Jamming Records, a Fun synth-pop track with a catchy rhythm. 7


  • BLANCMANGE, FEEL ME, 1982, UK, London Records, OK, one of my favorite bands growing up. Blancmange is a synth-pop group with a few pop hits. However, listen to the track “Game above my head” and then you know, these guys are special. This is an all-time favorite on this mix. 7


  • ZOO BOUTIQUE, FORGIVE AND FORGET, 1982, UK, Lightbeat Records, An upbeat synth-pop track from a band with only 2 real singles as output. The ironic thing and something I didn’t realize. This track is a B side. The A-side is a song called “Happy Families” and that’s the title of the first Blancmange album, where you will find the track, “Feel me”. 7


  • ZERO ZERO, IRRENANSTALT,1982, Germany, Metronome, This is a great synth track with an amazing cold German tone we’ve grown to love. 7


  • ONY, DREAMWORLD, 1983, SPAIN, HR Records, Over the top synth-pop and I love it. This is a fun upbeat poppy with a bit of Latin Flair. 7


  • DEBLANC, MONNALISA, 1986, ITALY, Italian Records, Yes this is a fun Italo banger with all the criteria necessary to make this certified. 7


  • PATRIZIA PELLEGRINO, MUSICA SPEZIALE, 1982, Italy, CGD, So this is a treat. In my top 5 ITALO tracks. Super rare. Very fun with amazing synth and rhythm. 7


  • IM NAMEN DES VOLKES, EISBAER, 2014, Germany, Plastic Frog Records, Speak and Spell Eisbaer, what else do you want. (if you don’t know the original track, KNOW IT! Eisbaer bt Grauzone) This is from a great comp, A Minimal Tribute to Grauzone. 7