Blue Sky

Passionate Kisses

April 27, 2020

This week’s episode is all about nice vibin and power washin.

A note to the reader/listener: All Passionate Kisses erotica is written on the spot by me, Kelly P. Kisses, and while it’s usually very “not good” and riddled with grammatical/tense issues, I think it’s generally pretty hot, funny, or both.

Im a little moss patch on your gutter and I need to be sprayed with your power daddy

It’s a sweltering summer day and I’m just sitting here, waiting around, growing more and more moist on this hot piece of metal. This gutter I’m living on has gotten ever so spicy, and I’m getting bigger, hotter greener by the day. If I have to go through another sunday here in the bright sun without your powerful force upon me, I’ll just scream! I mean it. I’ll blast my tonsils out, I’ll just implode.

I gaze across the street and see you in a neighbors hand—the power washer he borrowed several months before.

Part 2
Are you finally returning to me? My sweet watery love, my power washing daddy, I need you so bad, to hose me down, I’ve gotten so filthy!! I see our owner come to the front porch, exchanging niceties, retrieving you from the negligent neighbor, saying it wasn’t a problem, pretending Your gutter hadn’t been growing mossier and patchier since you’ve been gone. I catch a glimpse of you, catch your eye, your heart. My hopes and wishes are granted as, with a wave, our owner bids the neighbor farewell and turns to immediately plug you in. I hadn’t expected to get blasted by you so soon, but I am so ready

He turns to me and, with extreme panache and expert aim, aims your sweet face toward mine. You gaze upon me, blow a sweet kiss, and are fired at me, you waters speeding toward me with such ferocity veracity and velocity that I can’t catch my breath, but it doesn’t matter, because I am drowned by you anyway, washed away, already looking forward to next month …

Featured Artist from : Aldous Harding


Taeko Onuki – 4:00A.M.
Yola – Still Gone
The Allman Brothers Band – Blue Sky
The Go! Team – Getting Back Up
Norma Tanega – I’m the Sky
Phoebe Bridgers – Motion Sickness
Karen Dalton – Something On Your Mind
Aldous Harding – The Barrel
Robbie Basho – Clair de lune (For Twelve-String)