Bad Conditions + Syn-es-the-sia Crossover Pt2

Bad Conditions

Lalo convinces Brett to let a pregnant friend from his synthesizer class stay with them until her husband returns from a trip.


Suicide – Surrender
Sandy Shaw – I Don’t Owe You Anything
Broadcast – Living Room
Yuriy Morozov – Inexplicable 4
Frank Vinci – Tonight You’re Mine
Shock – Dream Games
Soft Cell – A Man Can Get Lost
Julian – Imaginary Doll
The Quarks – Mechanical
Zdenka Kovacicek – Elektra
Lustt – Pillow Talk
Mike Cannon – Voices in the Dark
Lauro Salazr – Love Move
Rek1 – Computer Haben Herz Schmerz
Gertrud Stein – Daytime TV
Terminal – Teseros
Kombi – Inwazja z Plutona
Rettore – Karakiri (Hara-Kiri)
‘Til Tuesday – Voices Carry