Keep it to Yourself

Bad Conditions

Brett gets a deal on 58 wild turkeys and has a plan to sell them for Thanksgiving, so he brings them home to live in the backyard! But when Zach’s lucky nickel goes missing the turkeys take the blame.


Perfect Day – Lou Reed
F.F.A. – The Leather Nun
Mother Told Me – Jeff and Jane Hudson
Contemplation – Solid Space
Seitse – Tornaado
Space Detective – Robert Schröder
Sometime Lover – Jeff Phelps
Space Operator – 4 M International
Age – Kiss Mitch
Nights of Arabia – Miro
Lucky Number – Lene Lovich
Telephone – Beat Necessity
Cala Boca Menino – Joao Donato
Ritmo Pegajoso – Los Disco Duro
Lamento Calavera – Meridian Brothers
Afro Breakdance – Tata
Ba Ba Go Go – Topo