Enjoy in a dimly lit room, with a glass of vermouth and someone you love but doesn’t know.


1. ROWLAND S. HOWARD, Autoluminscent, Bang! Records, 2005, Original member of The Boys Next Door, Nick Cave & the bad seeds. I played the 7 inch. RIP

2. NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS, Running Scared, Mute, 1986, Played the B side of the 7 inch The Singer.

3. THE NAMES, Calcutta, Factory Benelux, 1982, Played the original 7 inch, this Brussels band had a great post-punk new wave sound and one must have in every PP collection SWIMMING.

4. THE SWEETEST ACHE, If I could shine, Sarah Records, 1990, This is number 36 on Sarah, go get them all. Played 7 inch

5. CARLA DAL FORNO, Fast moving cars, Blackest Ever Black, 2016, I met Carla at her show and asked her to hold my beer for a second, she said NO.

6. EARTHLING, Slow down the world, Not on Label, 1980, A feel-good track from Japan. Played the original 7 inch.

7. ART INTERFACE, Secretaries from Heaven, 1983, If Records, Played the 7 inch, fun track from a band that only had a few releases.

8. TEST CARD F, Bandwagon Tango, 1983, Backs Records, Played the 7 inch, this song makes me want to dance, but of course I never do.

9. CIARANE HARTE, Love is strange, 1980, Glass records, Played the 7 inch, I think this is a synth gem. Hunt it down!

10. ORCHESTRAL MANOUEVERS IN THE DARK, Almost, 1979, Factory Records, Played first pressing 7 inch, B side of Electricity; they were only 16 when they wrote these tracks.

11. POLYPHONIC SIZE, Dans Les Gars, 1983, Sandwich Records, played very cool looking 7 inch, great minimal cover art, and greater band.

12. EURYTHMICS, Never going to cry again, 1981, RCA, played the 7 inch of this first single by this phenomenal band.

13. SECTION 25, Beneath the Blade, 1984, Factory Records, Played track 4 side B from the album LP, FROM THE HIP.

14. CHRIS & COSEY, October love Song, 1983, Rough Trade, Played the 7 inch, This is one of the sweetest songs ever. Cosey has a nice reflection on when it was made in her book, ART SEX MUSIC, go to the online book store and buy a copy. It’s a revelation of feminism, art, music, life.

15. M BRYO, Show me your hands, 2007, Minimal Wave Records, played the 7 inch

16. KRAFTWERK, Computer love, 1981, EMI, played 7 inch, this track is so good on headphones.

17. FAN of 83, Love inside, 1991, Not on Label, Played 7 inch. I love the name of this band because I believe 1983 was a stellar year for synth, punk and italo disco.