All Thumbs

Bad Conditions

Brett accompanies Sheri to dance classes, and Lester becomes a dishwasher in a sorority.

Featured Artist from : That Dog


John Farnham – Break the Ice
Sheena Easton – Telephone
Soft Cell – What
Flash Strato – Bajo Tus Ruedas
The Cure – Foxy Lady
Jeff Lynne – Video
Yuri – Karma Chameleon
Carmin – No Me Mires
Art of Noise (Close to the Edit)
Yello – I Love You
Stan Bush – The Touch
Styx – Too Much Time on my Hands
Hounds – Under my Thumb
Fast Radio – Under my Thumb
Giorgio Moroder – Baby Blue
Pulsallama – The Devil Lives in my Husband’s Body
Adam Ant – Car Troubles
Total Coelo – I Eat Cannibals
Gary Numan – I Disconnect From You
That Dog – Westside Angst