A Thousand Years of Nonlinear History

Blood Meridian

Wherein the man, the myth, the big boy Brian Boswell himself is unmasked as a closeted white supremacist with a twisted take on the Brexit and AP Steve fucks up yet again (he knows nothing else), unwittingly initiating a series of events that comes clanking and grinding to a terrifying conclusion: an on-air breakdown that brings Mr. Boswell face-to-face with the lie at the center of his so-called life. Dr. Ishmael Faroukin Highasballs looks on as the disaster unfolds. Listen and be amazed. This is not your grandfather’s radio program.


Pig Ten Inch – Apocalypse Sow
I’m Ready – Royal Trux
Unknown – Known
Green Fuz – The Cramps
Who Says – Richard Hell and the Voidoids
Night of the Vampire – The Moontrekkers
Marlon Brando – Black Randy and the Metro Squad
Another Year – Royal Trux
Space Prophet Dogon – Sun City Girls
You Gotta Lose – Richard Hell and the Voidoids
Soo Bawls – Devo
Capitalism – Global
Rumsfeld – Donald
Killer in the Snow – Birds of Maya
Say It Now and Be Done – Dr. Ishmael Faroukin Highasballs
Mother Sky – Can
Dummy High – The Fucks