3D Lizards in the Unemployment Line

Bad Conditions

Brett and his friend Danny start a company that involves them doing odd jobs around the neighborhood. However, it’s not long before Brett lets everything go to his head, by firing Danny, and by taking advantage of his employees. (Special guest Danny White).


Sue Trumble – Rollin’ Stone

Alkali – La Sanora Roza

Zero – You Make it Happen

Yellow Magic Orchestra – Day Tripper

B52s – Moon 83

Breakfast Club – Rico Mambo

Les Georges Leningrad – Black Eskimo

The Fat boys – Human Beatbox Pt II

Gay Cat Park – Television

Jonzun Crew – Electro Boogie Encounter

Ramsey 2C-3D – Fly Guy and the Unemployed

Beck – Burro

Rhythm Makers – Zone

Otis Clay – Love Bandit

Gregg Wackson – Be My Lady

M.C. Miker G & Deejay Sven – Whimsical Touch

Robotron 4 – Electro-?

Safet Isovic – Mujo Kuje Konja Po Mjesecu

Thomson Twins – Beach Culture

Break Machine – Break Dance Party

Formula V – Killer Groove II

Prince – Lisa

Mass Appeal – Waiting For Tonight

Tone Loc – The Fine Line Between Hyper and Stupid

Formula 6 – All Night

Erasmus Hall – I Can’t Keep My Head (I Always Lose it to You)

Leroy Ace Miller – Hook Me

Scott Davis and the Movements – Freaktime

Sexual Harassment – You Are My Sexual Connection

Flashfever – Metropolis

M.C. Boob – Do the Fila and the Peewee Dance

Leo – Fee Fi Fo Fum

The Rapoligists featuring Flakey ‘C’ & Early Daze – The Hip Hop Beat