29th Transmission

Pet Hospital

Pet Hospital SERVES you

Featured Artist from : Jager 90


Angels :

“Ride Around Shining” by Clipse feat. Ab Liva

“Disco Stomp” by Bohannon

“Baby I’m Bleeding” by JPEGMAFIA

“Forever And Ever” by Demis Roussos

“This Is My Beloved” by Mort Garson

“Haenim” by Kim Jung Mi

“Cranekiss” by Tamaryn


China Wyte:

Jäger 90 “Dein Ofizier” + Enya “Only Time”

La Femme “Antitaxi”

Nancy Sinatra “These boots were made for walkin”

Pet Shop Boys “in the night”

Mitra Mitra “Stars”

Die Form “Savage Logic”

Duran Duran “Planet Earth”

Calvin Twilight “Harmony”

Drinking Electricity “Discord Dance”

Nine Circles “This is the Rose”