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Ch-Ch-Ch Changes


Hey guys! You may have noticed our new snazzy pop up player! KPISS now tells you what’s playing live and on AutoDJ through the player at any given time (if we did it all correctly!) You hardcore pissinr’s may have noticed the Overboard soundtrack (the Goldie Hawn version NOT the new one) playing in the background as we adjust to our new player and server. We will be updating this soon (sorry if you’v…


Volunteers Needed


You want to hole up in some air b’n’b with a bunch of adderall and do data entry all weekend? Maybe cleaning up some garbage on empty lot?
What about going up to total strangers and asking them if they’ve ever done radio? Not your cup of PISS? Email us anyway [email protected] w/ subject line : “I want a brutal experience, only half joking.”
Thanks! Looking forward!


Kpiss 3.0


What’s up Pissheads, on Sept 28 we suddenly lost power to our storage container studio where we started & grew up since 2015.
Things change in a New York Minute and we are now broadcasting live from Milly’s Pizzeria 834 Broadway BK NY. Our new website KPISS 3.0 is also live! Please bear with us as we are entering our past 3000+ shows into the archive. If you have any questions or want to join the madn…




Welcome to KPISS.FM. We are always looking for volunteers, DJs and pissinr’s like you. Visit us in person at Milly’s Pizza, 834 Broadway Brooklyn, New York. Send any and all inquiries to [email protected]