Xen Radio Episode 42, featuring Sevish

Xen Radio

Broadcast April 11, 2020

For this program I’m are joined by Sevish, composer of microtonal electronic music in a wide variety of tunings. We discussed his music, and we talked about the music he enjoys, connects with and music that inspired him to pursue microtones in his own work. In addition to music by Sevish, this episode also features music by Syzygys, Jacky Ligon, Carlo Serafini, Jun Ishikawa, Tony Dubshot, and benyamind.

Featured Artist from : Sevish


Sevish — Twisted Flax
Syzygys — Suicide On a Fine Day
Carlo Serafini — Piano11
Jun Ishikawa — Trees in the Depths of the Earth
Tony Dubshot — Rosengarten
benyamind — The Mirror
Jacky Ligon — Retroact
Sevish — Midnight Cascade