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Broadcasting 50+ divine post college radio starz, partiers, weirdoes, journalists, and music freaks (plus Ben's show about winter Rockaway surfing) every week from our infamous 9x7 ft pink container studio in Punk Alley Bushwick.
All past shows are available on our Mixcloud Page or by Pisscast of your choice from the live schedule.
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Support the alley and visit us sometime at 865 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY. J/M/Z to Myrtle Ave + Broadway.
Thanks for listening because in a sea of internet bullshit, you can trust the Golden Stream.
Twitter/FB/Instagram @: kpissfm
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Click each show for podcasts and more information. We are live in EST.

The following prerecorded material airs when we are not live:
The Pisscast
The Barclay Hour
Needles and Pins
KPISS Rebroadcasts
The shows starred indicate the following:
* = monthly
** = biweekly